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Danna Davis

My 6 year old son has been attending Ninja class at 4GK since August 2018. He loves it and I do too! He loves the skills and games and I love the discipline he is learning. I’ve spoken with a child-behavior doc about what he gets to do in class and the doc was *thrilled*. It’s clear that he believes in the philosophies Sifu and Miss Heidi teach about the importance of play and physical activity for children for all aspects of their development.

Jen Robinson

I took a kickboxing class and it was amazing. I was so pumped and ready to take on the day. Everyone was super nice and the routine was so much fun I would definitely recommend and be back for more!!!

Laura Miller - Owner, Little People's Center reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

Had the pleasure of visiting Heidi at 4GK Martial Arts and observing both her EARLY SKILLZ for children ages 3-4 and MOMMY AND ME class for children 18 months and up. The children are guided through the basics of martial arts with hands on gross motor activities set at their own individual pace. It was a pleasure to see.

Di Trudden reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

My daughter completed her first group class tonight and I could not be a prouder or happier mama right now! Heidi Burmann and Raquel made Lily feel welcome and were so patient with her as she was learning the kicks and routines. I am so happy that we discovered a healthy and fun new hobby for Lily! If you are looking for an affordable place where your little one can learn and grow then 4GK is for you!

Everyone knows I have been on my own little health journey creating Our Mommy Movement and finding new ways to exercise. I signed up for kick boxing classes through 4GK and am really excited to try them out! Seeing how patient and kind the staff was with Lily I don’t have to worry about being surrounded by people who will judge me while I try to keep up with the moves.

Tina Dos Reis reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

Great school and awesome team! Everyone is extremely friendly. My nephew Sebastian just loves his Extreme Skill class and after watching the team work together, I decided to try the kickboxing class. Frank put the entire class through a great workout! I can't wait to lose weight and build muscle. It's just the change I was looking for! Thank you 4GK!

Jennie D'Ambroise reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

Great school! Adult kung fu classes are approachable for all levels. You will learn a lot and you will work hard. Sifu and your fellow students will help you to improve and you will make great friends. Kickboxing classes will also kick your butt. Women, train here, you are welcome at all classes and the atmosphere is friendly and supportive.

Tommy Aliberti reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

This has always been a home away from home! Very much a family, and I have been part of this system for 18 years! Great values, hard work, and many lessons to be learned every time, which I have taken with me in the ring, and in everyday life! 5 Star recommendation!

Donnie Keegan reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

My daughter has been studying here for, two months shy of, three years. She still loves it! I my self have decided to join. Love the staff. they are constantly innovating and improving,both the structure of the school and its teachings. I can only hope to improve myself to the degree in which my daughter has been improved herself! Absolutely top notch school!

Rachel Ramsey Weir reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

We have had a great experience in the last year that our son has been attending 4GK. He has become more disciplined in his actions, his body has been strengthened and he knows the rewards of hard work. The dedication of the staff is evident in each class. It is clearly a labor of love!

Cheryl Anne reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

Fantastic staff !!!!!!!!!! Fantastic fun classes, they know you're name, they know how to make you work while you happily sweat toward a better you !

Katie Bacigalupo reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

LOVE the kick boxing class! It is such a great work out and fun at the same time! I always feel great afterwards and can't wait to get back to the next class!

Michelle McCann reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

Great atmosphere, awesome staff and incredible workout! Love it!!

Victoria Ingoglia reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

I absolutely love the atmosphere. It's clean, friendly n very challenging. I've given some awful dirty looks while stressed n I get high fives later. High intensity fire burning workouts keeps me motivated!!

Rebecca Manzella reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

4GK is excellent! I signed up my son for Basic Skillz just a few weeks after his 4th birthday. He loves coming to class to see his fellow ninjas and I really enjoy watching him learn new skills. In a short time, I had already noticed a behavior improvement while in a group setting and the two half hour classes a week are perfect for his attention span. Thank you Miss Heidi and the rest of the staff for your patience and influence on Neil.

Dawn-Marie Francois reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

The school is great!!! Classes are manageable and they push you to do your best. Staff is friendly and patient.

Frank Gil reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

I wanted to make a change in my life. I was stagnant, not active and unhappy honestly. One day my brother and friend convinced me to take a class at 4gk. That was years ago and thousands of punches and kicks ago and I love it every bit now as I did that first class. The instructors are amazing, knowledgeable, and were always willing to work with me at my level. I've spent a lot of time here and find no matter how my day has been I can't help but smile when I walk through the 4gk doors. It's a great environment for people who want to challange themselves and grow and there is no place else I'd rather be

Roseann Wander Walsh reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

I absolutely love it there. Everyone is very welcoming and make you feel very comfortable. I've done kickboxing at several other place and all the people there were very clicky I am very comfortable here and would recommend it to everyone.

Kimberly Lago reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

My oldest daughter has been coming here for a year. We fell in love immediately after seeing how wonderful the staff is with working with children of all ages. My second daughter was dying to be in a class also. As soon as she turned 3 we gave it a try and she has blossomed. Seemingly shy I was curious to see how her first class type activity would be. She loved it. Just waiting for daughter number three to be old enough because she is only two, but already feels like she belongs. We absolutely love it.

Shannon Marr reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

I love this place. Everyone is super friendly and makes you feel like a part of the family. I get constant encouragement to keep going. And when I had sprained my ankle and couldn't come for awhile, they worked with me financially and kept sending me encouraging messages to take it easy and get better. I get the best work outs and never any judgements.

Leianne Marques reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

4GK is an awesome school. The entire staff treats you like family. I take the kickboxing and skillz fit classes. The encouragement and motivation you get from the instructors makes you feel like you can achieve your goals, do anything you want, even if your first instinct is to say no when they all you to do something. I accomplish something in every class and have learned to think yes I can instead of there is no way I can.... the instructors break things down so you can easily understand each move. Everyone is made to feel important and special in each class, no one is left out. I can't imagine going anywhere else.

Linda Cummings reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

We just started the mini skillz program a couple of months ago. I admit, after being in the free play, no rules music program for the entire spring, my 2 yr old granddaughter was starting to rebel against listening. The first day of class I was almost in tears after five minutes when I realized how bad her behavior had gotten without structure. I'm so glad I stuck it out though. The second class was a joy, with her listening intently and using her brain. Miss Heidi has the patience of a saint. She is also on top of age appropriate skills and stresses them at each class. We've learned taking turns, following direction, jumping, kicking and punching, and many, many other useful things. She loves going to her class twice a week and I truly love taking her. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these wonderful people and this fantastic school to anyone.

Danielle Hulse Maloney reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

My two sons have been coming here since December 2016. They absolutely love it & have THRIVED since coming! The older one suffers from anxiety & general fear, he has since built up tremendous confidence & has learned to verbalize any issues he may be having. The younger one is a ball of energy that needed direction & a release, he has achieved focus & better listening skills. The staff is AMAZING! They are welcoming, accommodating & listen to any issues you have whether it be with them, the class or your children. I could go to any of them & speak with them about ANYTHING & feel very comfortable doing so. Si Fu teaches the class in a low-key, fun manner that has the children engaged AND having fun at the same time, it's not the typical militant style. We received a military discount since my husband is a former marine AND ... They run a monthly themed Parents Night Out that gives parents a break without their kids from 7:30-10:00! I am thrilled that we found them & highly suggest to anybody looking for a martial arts school to check them out!

Yaoska Fleming reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

Great team! My daughter loves the school. She has learned so much since she started a year ago. I am so happy I found this place. I am so grateful for Ms. Heidi, Sifu Mike and all the team. Their love and dedication is shown in every class. Good job!!

Neil Manzella reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

I highly recommend 4GK to anyone considering Martial Arts for their children or themselves. The staff has been doing an amazing job with my 4 year old son. He has a safe and fun outlet for some of his endless energy supply and the staff do a great job keeping all of the students involved, active, and engaged in the classes activities. My son loves it and looks forward to it every week!

Christina Annessa reviewed 4GK Martial Arts & Skillz of Patchogue
via Facebook

We just started a month ago and my kids are in love & can't get enough of it. Everyday they ask do they have class. Its great for all ages and I really like that they split them up. My daughter is 5 and is learning age appropriate skills while in the next class my 8 year is learning different things. The staff is super friendly and always accommodates our needs. I absolutely love the fun nights they do as well, the kids get to hang out & have fun while I get to relax a bit a home. Overall very satisfied with this program.

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Our latest news & thoughts

Our Favorite Quotes About Kids, Education, and Mindset by Co-Founder Michael A Evans

When one talks about child development, education, parenting, and mindset as much as we do, one is bound to have a few great ideas slip out.  SKILLZ of Patchogue co-founder Michael A Evans spends every day discussing these topics with our team, and through his coaching and consulting role with SKILLZ Worldwide, he continues these conversations with industry leaders around the world.

This page is a collection of some of the ideas we’ve collected from calls, training sessions, articles, and interviews with Michael:

Quotes About Child Development

  • “Confidence in children often disguises itself as kindness.”
  • “It is important for parents and teachers to remember to catch kids being good as much as we catch them making mistakes or facing challenges.”
  • “Kids living with ADHD don’t fidget, spin, and flop because they CAN’T pay attention, they move so they CAN pay attention.”
  • “Sit back and observe a toddler for a few hours and you’ll learn more about your own humanity than all of the philosophers who ever lived could tell you in a lifetime.”
  • “We must be cautious; it is very easy to let our emotions define a child.”
  • “When leadership becomes a self-defining core character trait, kids will find ways to step into the role more often.”
  • “Don’t forget to schedule some time for you kids to just be bored. Believe it or not, boredom is a critical element of kids’ development. It will solve half the challenges you have with them and give them the tools they need to solve most of their own challenges for the rest of their lives.”
  • “Discipline is not about punishment. Nor is it about standing still, being quiet, or getting in trouble. Quite the opposite!  I believe that discipline means doing the right thing, at the right time, regardless of who is watching, not because you HAVE to, but because you have learned to WANT to.”
  • “Setting future goals can help kids develop a resilient and positive outlook.”

    "Confidence in children often disguises itself as kindness." Michael A Evans



Quotes About Education

  • “Investing in kids is investing in the future, with an ROI that is far more valuable than dollars.”
  • “Remember, they aren’t in our care to learn kicks and punches, mathematics, or science, they are given into our care to help them achieve a state from which their own curiosity can be free to lead them to knowledge.”
  • ‘There’s always a teaching opportunity in every challenging behavior. The key is to step back to assess whether the challenge is ours or theirs.”
  • “Our goal should not be to break character traits, but to teach children how to harness them… and to teach ourselves how to slow down so we can see just how incredible our kids are, even when the world is screaming at us to hurry.”
  • “I believe that play and a sense of joy are essential to the learning experience.”
  • “Instead of making your lesson long, make the lesson as efficient as possible. Spend that extra time on the student and you’ll make a greater impact.”
  • “Harder does not equal better, it just equals harder. Longer does not equal better, it just equals longer. Both of these ideas CAN lead to a student being better, but they can also signal the opposite of better. If you want to produce ‘better’, then offer, encourage, and nurture ‘better’.”
  • “When our kids are learning online, they are also learning how to learn online. Have patience, they’ll get it!”
  • “Learning is a process. If the child or student could already do what we ask them to do, they wouldn’t need us. Remember that the path to success IS through failure.”
  • “If we make lessons too sterile, kids don’t connect well to the information, and much of what was taught is lost.”
  • “I’m pretty sure I learn more from the kids about being human than they learn from me about being a student.”
  • “Kids are natural scientists and inherently drawn to learning. They will be just fine as long as they know we are there to support, guide, and nurture them.”
  • “When we see the things we teach coming out in a child’s free play, we know they are learning, and the only way to do that is to give them ample unstructured time to experiment.”

Quotes About Mindset

  • “Instead of using the objections of others to justify why you aren’t living your dream, address those objections, make them go away, and then stop making reasons for yourself to not be successful.”
  • “In adversity lies success for those brave enough to step into the fire.”
  • “The busier I get, the more important I find it is to stop and ask myself if I am also being productive.”
  • “Mental health should be a key element of your personal wellness regimen. There doesn’t have to be anything wrong for you to want to be better.”
  • “There’s a big difference between what you CAN do & what you SHOULD do. Most important, however, is what you WILL do. Choose wisely.”
  • “The problem that many people are facing is that they are trying to do what they’ve always been doing instead of just doing what they actually do.”
  • “No matter how hard the workout, we ALWAYS stand up when we’re done because defeat is not an option.”
  • “Some of the best business thinkers are 3 years old. You should listen to them more.”
  • “Sometimes you have to walk uphill to get where you want to go. It isn’t the hill’s fault, or gravity’s fault, or even your fault, it’s simply the journey from here to there, and you’re stronger for having taken it.”
  • “Take time to re-examine the beliefs given to you in childhood.”
  • “The end result of my dream already exists, I just haven’t done it yet.”
  • “Success is a Habit!  We often think of success as the end result of our effort but is actually more about the effort than the result.”

Quotes About Parenting

  • “Being a great parent doesn’t mean your child is perfect, it simply means being the parent your child needs.”
  • “Remember, it’s rarely a child’s behavior, and more often our expectations that need adjusting. They’ll get there, they just aren’t there yet, and that’s ok.
  • “Our kids need to see us handle the scary… not to not be afraid, but to be afraid and move forward calmly yet resolutely in spite of that fear.”
  • “To foster true independence, it is vital that a child knows that a parent or caregiver is aware of their fears, and that the safety of mom’s embrace or dad’s encouragement is always there, no matter what.”
  • “It seems backward, but an attached child is an independent child!”
  • “When a child has a parental safety net and support structure backing them, they become more comfortable stepping out on their own to try new things and meet new people.”
  • “A child’s interactions with their parents have the ability to alter their development, to the point that their very genetic expression can change. Genes will actually change which proteins are created based on the external factors we create. Since proteins are the building blocks of our physical bodies, this means that we, as parents, have the potential to very literally change who a person is by how we affect their development.”
  • “See who your children are now compared to yesterday, and imagine what they will be, not what they aren’t yet. Trust the process; growing kids takes time.”



About Michael A Evans

Michael is a 6th-degree black sash under his teacher, Moises Arocho, and has been training in martial arts since 1985. Michael has a degree in Massage Therapy from NY College of Health Professions. He is the co-owner of 4GK Martial Arts in Patchogue, NY, and Skillz of Patchogue, a childhood development facility using martial arts and other movement modalities as the vehicle for kids’ growth and success.  Michael is also the Lead Consultant for Skillz Worldwide.