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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!


Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Di Trudden reviewed 4GK Martial Arts
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My daughter completed her first group class tonight and I could not be a prouder or happier mama right now! Heidi Burmann and Raquel made Lily feel welcome and were so patient with her as she was learning the kicks and routines. I am so happy that we discovered a healthy and fun new hobby for Lily! If you are looking for an affordable place where your little one can learn and grow then 4GK is for you!

Everyone knows I have been on my own little health journey creating Our Mommy Movement and finding new ways to exercise. I signed up for kick boxing classes through 4GK and am really excited to try them out! Seeing how patient and kind the staff was with Lily I don’t have to worry about being surrounded by people who will judge me while I try to keep up with the moves.

Tina Dos Reis reviewed 4GK Martial Arts
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Great school and awesome team! Everyone is extremely friendly. My nephew Sebastian just loves his Extreme Skill class and after watching the team work together, I decided to try the kickboxing class. Frank put the entire class through a great workout! I can't wait to lose weight and build muscle. It's just the change I was looking for! Thank you 4GK!

Jennie D'Ambroise reviewed 4GK Martial Arts
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Great school! Adult kung fu classes are approachable for all levels. You will learn a lot and you will work hard. Sifu and your fellow students will help you to improve and you will make great friends. Kickboxing classes will also kick your butt. Women, train here, you are welcome at all classes and the atmosphere is friendly and supportive.

Tommy Aliberti reviewed 4GK Martial Arts
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This has always been a home away from home! Very much a family, and I have been part of this system for 18 years! Great values, hard work, and many lessons to be learned every time, which I have taken with me in the ring, and in everyday life! 5 Star recommendation!

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Super Fam! [Parents Night Out]

Do your kids love the Incredibles movie?

Here’s your chance to take a well-deserved break from your kids with our Super Fam Parent’s Night Out Event!

All you have to do is drop your kids off at our school for 2.5 hours where they’ll have a BLAST being a superhero and do all the FUN things they LOVE to do including…

• Participate in superhero games & activities

• Play & have fun with other superhero kids

• Learn about teamwork

• Hone their superpowers so they can save the world

• Energize with superhero snacks

• And more!

It’ll be Bold! Dramatic! And Heroic! Just like the movie.

And when the kids are away for 2.5 hours, that means a whole lot of self-love for YOU!

Spots are Limited… and always fill up FAST… So be sure to Register Now! (Click here to register:

P.S. Worried about supervision at this Super-Cool Event? We’ve got you covered. Your child will be supervised the entire time by our high-quality staff. So… go out, relax and have some much-needed fun yourself!

Perfect for kids ages 6 and up.  Participants do not have to be members of 4GK Martial Arts.

Location:  4GK Martial Arts, 380 East Main St, Patchogue, NY

Date: Saturday, January 5th

Time: 6:oopm to 8:30pm

For questions or further info, give us a call! 631-776-8060